Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping



Top Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping is the Best Idea

  1. Central focus on one thing – managing your books. Finally your books get the attention they deserve. An outsourced bookkeeper isn’t getting side tracked with all the day to day tasks of a business, answering phones, running errands, office politics. They have one goal.
  2. Do what YOU love.   If you are doing your books each month- stop right now.   If you do what you love, your morale goes up, your employee’s morale goes up, and you are more likely to remain motivated.
  3. Increase Effectiveness – Counting money won’t help you make money. Put your spare time and funds in an area proven to make you more money.
  4. Unbiased Advice – a staff member whose job is on the line, is less likely to share bad news than an outsourced supplier. Plus suppliers are easier to let go of, there is no time and training invested in them, unlike an employee.
  5. Cost Effectiveness – Expect to see a small cost savings by outsourcing, but don’t make this the primary goal. The savings is likely to be 10% to 20% of the base wage of an in-house operator. Plus an outsourced bookkeeper is less likely to steal from you
  6. A Liaison with your accountant – Need a go between that speaks the same language? A liaison can also facilitate long range planning and structure.
  7. Improve Structure and Control – The owner is more likely to sit down and review the financials on a regular basis with a bookkeeper, if they are only on-site for a few hours during a regularly scheduled time.